Stewards Academy open new sports hall

27th April 2017

Headteacher Rhonda Murthar spoke to staff, students and guests at the school on Tuesday afternoon.

Ms Murthar said: “As Headteacher I am delighted that Stewards Academy is able to extend its range of sporting opportunities to both pupils and the wider community. The opening of our new purpose built Sports Hall, with a multi gym, will complement the success of our swimming pool and provide varied sporting activities to encourage health and fitness.

Stewards Sports Hall will enable us to provide indoor PE lessons during wet weather and provide a broader range of sports such as basketball and badminton to appeal more widely to young people. It will provide them with the opportunity to broaden their skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle as they grow up.

“The building of this Sports Hall has been a long term project which began as a vision and has now become a reality. This is due to the hard work and commitment of Governors, Senior Leaders and Academy staff. We have always regarded Stewards as a school at the heart of our community and this new facility will enhance sporting opportunities for everyone”.


Every one of the 50+ sports halls that we have delivered, has been designed especially for the client with their sporting needs at heart.

Whether you are a school, an academy, a university, a local authority or a sports club, we understand that, when it comes to a new sports facility, you will have your own set of special circumstances.

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