Rossall School

Six badminton court size hall with indoor Hockey and Basketball provision. Plus an indoor sprint track.

Cost: £5.2 m Location: Fleetwood Opened: October 2019
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Project Challenges

We have faced a variety of challenges throughout our time developing sports halls. Each project generally presents its own set of complications, sometimes relating to existing structures, surrounding areas or site conditions and in other cases, it’s purely about budget, keeping numerous funding partners happy, or meeting a deadline.


Project Challenges

Rossall Sports Hall was built in an unusual setting, in that it is adjacent to the coast and right next to the beach. This presented a host of new challenges for us, including dealing with the sandy environment and extreme and changing coastal conditions.

One of the other key challenges was that this location is an area of biological heritage. In particular, the surrounding ditches are habitat to the protected Reed Bunting and Sedge Warbler species of bird.

The project was financed, in part, by commercial finance, which set us the challenge of demonstrating certainty in terms of addressing risk management.

A public footpath ran along the site, and for access purposes this needed to be crossed by plant and the construction team whilst keeping it open to the public.

Project Solution

Each unique set of circumstances, is thought about and considered, in depth, by Ball Hall at the outset of the project. We bring all of our previous experience and expertise to the fore and try where possible, to apply a combination of creative and pragmatic thinking to problem solve in each case.


Project Solutions

Our approach to the unusual location was to include a detailed ground investigation of the site at the outset. This enabled us to determine what we were up against, and to take up early adoption of a lime based ground improvement technique. We also gave careful consideration to the type of materials specified in the build - i.e. those that would stand up to the sea water corrosion and abrasion brought by the conditions.

Very early program management made provision for a crane with a built in float, which extended the weather window for the erection of the steel frame and cladding - essentially allowing us to continue working safely within periods of high winds.

Ecologists were brought in at the early stages to consult and advise on the location of the building, our construction methods and the seasonal timings of certain operations.

This was then mapped into the delivery plan.

Ball Hall Added Value

With all the difficulties of a project considered upfront and contingency built in for unforeseen events or conditions, Ball Hall deliver outstanding buildings for sport. A Ball Hall Sports Hall often exceeds expectation and consistently becomes a flag waving celebration for the organisation, with many further benefits that materialise over time.


Ball Hall Added Value

Whilst the erection of the frame and cladding went very well, we did experience such high winds that some of the internal stud work was destroyed. Our proactive involvement in the calm resolution of this complication included a thorough choice of contract ensuring this was at the contractors risk.

Additionally, the careful selection of contractor, meant that the problem was dealt with promptly and effectively and there was no delay to the delivery date. The ambitious scheme accommodates a full size indoor hockey pitch, six badminton courts and boasts an unusual indoor running and sprint track.

The feedback has been excellent and the hall has experienced a high demand for people to host Hockey tournaments and other events.

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Ball Hall are leading experts in Sports Hall Development and they have certainly lived up to their reputation with our project here at Rossall School. They gave us a full project management and design service, which took us through the design, planning application, build contract and the provision and installation of all the specialist fittings and sports equipment. It was a pleasure to work alongside Alastair Clark and Alan Hodgkinson from Ball Hall and the school is absolutely delighted with our new Sports Centre, which was delivered to specification and on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ball Hall Project Management to anyone embarking on a new Sports Hall Development plan.


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