Sports Flooring

The floor is one of the most important elements in any sports hall. Sprung floors are vital in multi-use halls as they give comfort, protect athletes joints, prevent injury as well as providing consistent bounce.

Unless there is a specific cricket or tennis speciality, the sports floors we normally explore with our clients are top of the range area elastic sprung floors made from an engineered board with the option of a wood or vinyl finish depending on the use of the hall. Importantly, they should be FIBA approved for bounce consistency and designed for high loadings so suitable for retractable seating and other uses.

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Every one of the 50+ sports halls that we have delivered, has been designed especially for the client with their sporting needs at heart.

Whether you are a school, an academy, a university, a local authority or a sports club, we understand that, when it comes to a new sports facility, you will have your own set of special circumstances.

Poole Grammar School

Five badminton court size hall with indoor cricket nets, basketball, netball, badminton, volleyball, futsal and handball provision.

St John’s Northwood

The St John’s School Ball Hall was opened in Oct 2020. It is a 3 badminton court sports hall with 400 bleacher seats, changing rooms, an office and a first-aid room. Upstairs there are 2…

Kingshott School, Hitchin

Four badminton court sports hall with changing rooms and a dance studio, incorporating a theatre conversion with 400 retractable seating. Includes a sand based hockey pitch, new roads and car parks.

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