Fitness Suites

Our fitness suite specialists are on board right at the early stages of developing a fitness suite. They draw up a 3D visualisation of the proposed layout including Audio Visual provision.

We have designed and supplied state-of-the-art spin rooms for public classes and strength and conditioning training suites for Olympic athletes. Our specialists are at the leading edge of fitness training and we are able to provide performance related equipment for resistance training and to build core strength.

Whether a fitness suite is mainly for recreational use, sports training or for the general community we take onboard the latest thinking in improving health, fitness and well-being. Glass monitoring cane included and public turnstiles if required.

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Every one of the 50+ sports halls that we have delivered, has been designed especially for the client with their sporting needs at heart.

Whether you are a school, an academy, a university, a local authority or a sports club, we understand that, when it comes to a new sports facility, you will have your own set of special circumstances.

Poole Grammar School

Five badminton court size hall with indoor cricket nets, basketball, netball, badminton, volleyball, futsal and handball provision.

St John’s Northwood

The St John’s School Ball Hall was opened in Oct 2020. It is a 3 badminton court sports hall with 400 bleacher seats, changing rooms, an office and a first-aid room. Upstairs there are 2…

Kingshott School, Hitchin

Four badminton court sports hall with changing rooms and a dance studio, incorporating a theatre conversion with 400 retractable seating. Includes a sand based hockey pitch, new roads and car parks.

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