St Helen and St Katharine School in Abingdon

Six badminton court sports hall including a gym equipped with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art range of cardio, strength, functional and group equipment.

Cost: £2.7m – excluding VAT Location: Oxfordshire Opened: September 2016 Cost per sq metre: TBC
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Project Challenges

We have faced a variety of challenges throughout our time developing sports halls. Each project generally presents its own set of complications, sometimes relating to existing structures, surrounding areas or site conditions and in other cases, it’s purely about budget, keeping numerous funding partners happy, or meeting a deadline.


Project Challenges

This was an extension to an existing inadequate sports facility that had to remain in full use throughout the development. The building itself was in the grounds of the original school buildings which date from 1906, making this a site of historical importance and therefore sensitive consideration of heritage and conservation were essential.

Project Solution

Each unique set of circumstances, is thought about and considered, in depth, by Ball Hall at the outset of the project. We bring all of our previous experience and expertise to the fore and try where possible, to apply a combination of creative and pragmatic thinking to problem solve in each case.


Project Solutions

Linked to the current sports building this sport and fitness centre provides outstanding facilities including a fitness suite with equipment that offers flexible training possibilities.

Our Ball Hall concept design allowed for access points to the current facility to be maintained for the duration of the project. Sports activity continued and the safe management of the school remained uninterrupted throughout.

A heritage statement was prepared as part of our process which meant materials took sympathy from the exiting buildings and the rest of the school.

Ball Hall Added Value

With all the difficulties of a project considered upfront and contingency built in for unforeseen events or conditions, Ball Hall deliver outstanding buildings for sport. A Ball Hall Sports Hall often exceeds expectation and consistently becomes a flag waving celebration for the organisation, with many further benefits that materialise over time.


Ball Hall Added Value

As a protocol, we addressed the health and safety report as our first concern at every meeting. A culture developed amongst our contractors and subcontractors where safety and normal operation were promoted as priorities.

Our client had an understanding of how the buildings should look and be built, but was unfamiliar with the latest thinking in sport facilities.

Ball hall were able to bring our sport expertise and provide options to meet all abilities and use all exercise techniques, from traditional fitness workouts to resistance training practiced by elite sports people.

This transformation has contributed to the school being ranked in the top 6 girls’ schools for sport in the country.

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“Ball Hall provided us with an end to end value for money professional service which enabled our project to progress in a timely manner thanks to the considerable experience they have gained in the sports hall construction market. We are delighted with our new sports hall”

David Eley, Bursar - St Helen and St Katharine School

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