St John Beaumont School, Windsor

Opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the Sports Hall replaces the former gymnasium and is located adjacent to the main school building designed by John Francis Bentley, the architect of Westminster Cathedral in 1888.

Evolving solutions to the requirement of many independent schools to use their sports halls for exams, general assemblies, presentations, parents evenings and plays etc as well as sport proved an interesting but rewarding challenge

Four badminton court sports hall with equipment storage. Climbing Wall as central feature to reception area ancillary hall, dance studio, rowing room, kitchen and social area, classroom/meeting room and amenities. Extensive use of Kallwall to provide diffused natural light and with traditional glazing above the main entrance. Provision has been made for the sports hall to be used for a range of non-sport activities.

Cost: £2m including fees (excluding VAT) Location: Old Windsor Opened: Summer 2009 Cost per sq metre: TBC

Project Challenges

We have faced a variety of challenges throughout our time developing sports halls. Each project generally presents its own set of complications, sometimes relating to existing structures, surrounding areas or site conditions and in other cases, it’s purely about budget, keeping numerous funding partners happy, or meeting a deadline.

Project Solution

Each unique set of circumstances, is thought about and considered, in depth, by Ball Hall at the outset of the project. We bring all of our previous experience and expertise to the fore and try where possible, to apply a combination of creative and pragmatic thinking to problem solve in each case.

Ball Hall Added Value

With all the difficulties of a project considered upfront and contingency built in for unforeseen events or conditions, Ball Hall deliver outstanding buildings for sport. A Ball Hall Sports Hall often exceeds expectation and consistently becomes a flag waving celebration for the organisation, with many further benefits that materialise over time.

“I quickly realised the complexity of this project and new that I would need to establish specialist partners to help deliver the solution. An early and successful partnership was struck with Ball Hall.”

Tim Blad, Bursar, St.Johns Beaumont School, Old Windsor

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